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Decovin® Contract FR

Decovin® Contract FR

Decovin® Contract

Proven for decades but nevertheless modern and fresh, this timeless tried and tested PVC quality is one of the most commonly used imitation leathers in heavy duty interior design applications. decovin® contract is a soft and pliable, slightly clouded material, micro perforated for increased seating comfort. decovin® contract is robust, wear-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean as well as flame retardant (5.3, B1/Q1, B2, M2, IMO). Made in Western Europe with state of the art technology, decovin® contract is ideally suited for all kinds of upholstery and coverings. It is also durable for public areas such as hotels and restaurants, the social and health sector, public transport, office and shop fitting. Additionally Decovin® Contract is simply perfect for your home.

· Flame retardant · Permeable to air and water vapor · Good light fastness · Robust and wear-resistant · Long durability · Resistant to disinfectants · Resistant to saliva and perspiration · Resistant to urine · Resistant to blood · Incontinence resistant · Elastic · Particularly easy-care · Easy to work with (can be stapled, glued, tacked and HF-welded)