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Decovin® Nappa FR

Decovin® Nappa FR

Decovin® Nappa B1/M1

Safety first.

Developed specifically to comply with highest security standards, especially concerning fire protection;
in Germany to DIN 4102-1: B1, France to NF-P92-503: M1 and UK to BS5852: crib 5. The surface feel is nevertheless surprisingly soft and has a pleasant touch. The carefully selected colors are up to the newest trends. Made in Europe from purest PVC, decovin B1/M1 meets the highest standards for use in heavy duty areas, as covering material e.g. in the health sector, in hotels and the restaurant industry, in offices, public buildings and much else.

Facts concerning decovin B1/M1 Excellent light fastness Flame retardant Long durability Particularly easy-care Certified resistance to disinfectants Resistant to urine and blood High tear- and tear propagation resistance Robust and wear-resistant Easy to work with (to cement, stitch, sew, high-frequency weld)