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Decovin® Sana FR

Decovin® Sana FR

Decovin® Sana

Decovin® sana was developed especially for healthcare, social, and wellness facilities. Its fine, unobtrusive surface has a pleasant feel and is also pliable and slip-proof. A new additional finish makes Decovin® Sana suitable for the highest requirements in the demanding medical-, physio- and spa-sector. It has increased resistance to oil and perspiration, is antimicrobial, resistant to disinfectants, mold inhibiting, incontinence resistant, flame retardant and extremely robust. All colors have excellent light fastness.

Resistant to disinfectants Antimicrobial No cytotoxic effects (EN10993-5) No primary skin irritations (EN10993-10) Mold resistant finishing Resistant to saliva and perspiration Oil- and grease-resistant Easy-clean and particularly easy care (with water and neutral soap) Waterproof / incontinence resistant Resistant to urine Resistant to blood Flame retardant (CH: 5.3, F: M2, D: B2, AT: B1/Q1, EU: EN1021/1+2, UK: BS5852 cl.0,1,5, IMO: A652 16, MSC61 (67), Annex 1, Part 8) Excellent light fastness (at least 6 – best value: 8) Robust and very wear-resistant Slip resistant Elastic Easy to work with