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Breeze Fusion FR

Breeze Fusion FR

Breeze Fusion FR

Breeze Fusion FR is a comfortable, blended furniture fabric in a classic weave. Abrasion resistance 100.000 rubs Martindale.

Through the classic weave structure of this wool it is easy to apply this material in any interior. Combined with 'cold' hi-tech materials such as steel and plastic, the wool provides a contrast, so that the overall appearance of the furniture is interesting. The thermal insulating properties of wool make it a comfortable material to sit on.
Of course Breeze Fusion FR is flame retardant acc. the highest standards.

Breeze Fusion FR is a furniture fabric from the Danish brand Gabriel. At this time Gabriel is one of the major players in the modern furniture- and contract fabrics industry. A very wide range of products is used in many industries such as furniture at home, office furniture & automotive.

Detailed test reports can be found on the website of Gabriel.

Ecolabel  Flame Retardant No heavy metals OekoTex Wools of New Zealand.