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Hoffmann ll - Jugendstil (62)

Hoffmann ll - Jugendstil (62)

Hoffmann ll

His epoch-making work, his unbroken creativity, his vision wrapped in geometric shapes and small-scale patterns: discover the great creative power of Josef Hoffmann, one of the founders of the Wiener Werkstätte. His original designs in the HOFFMANN II collection were "spruced up" in a "divinely poetic" form - just as the titles of his designs announce.

In the elegant colors of rose quartz, ebony, vanilla or mineral, the first-class upholstery fabrics of the HOFFMANN II fabric collection carry the spirit of their creator: art should run through our rooms, our everyday life, our lives like a red thread.

The designs Artemis, Hygieia, Diana and Kratos - all of them bear witness to the greatest weaving art and the highest artistic sense, letting every room shine in the beauty of natural color.