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Microcare 'The unlimited edition'

‘The Unlimited Edition’ collection by Microcare stands for premium quality textiles that meet all requirements that a healthcare fabric collection needs to comply with. Microcare fabrics are treated with a smooth Polyurethane coating that features a patented membrane system for additional breathability, and the use of microfibre threads means Microcare fabrics feel comfortable. All Microcare fabrics are fire-retardant and water resistant. Our fabrics have been treated against bacteria with Aegis Medical and they are unaffected by disinfectants. Through advanced clean technology, fibre-protective and dirt-repelling finish, Microcare textile can easily be cleaned with ordinary soap and water.

The images of the colours are photos of the fabrics and your device’s screen may show them slightly differently than they appear in real life. For an exact match, please request a free swatch to view the actual colour and feel the texture of our fabrics.

Besides the different surface structures in textiles, printed fabrics are amply represented in Microcare’s ‘The Unlimited Edition’ collection. Years of experience in sublimation printing technology have made print designs a permanent part of this collection.