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Resistant to disinfectants
No cytotoxic effects (EN10993-5)
No primary skin irritations (EN10993-10)
Mold resistant finishing
Resistant to saliva and perspiration
Oil- and grease-resistant
Easy-clean and particularly easy care (with water and neutral soap)
Waterproof / incontinence resistant
Resistant to urine
Resistant to blood
Flame retardant (CH: 5.3, F: M2, D: B2, AT: B1/Q1, EU: EN1021/1+2, UK: BS5852 cl.0,1,5, IMO: A652 16, MSC61 (67), Annex 1, Part 8)
Excellent light fastness (at least 6 – best value: 8)
Robust and very wear-resistant
Slip resistant
Easy to work with