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Robust but gentle, rustic and yet modern. Changeable, versatile and yet individual – this is how the “Stelvio” collection presents itself in a modern country house style.

With a leaf motif, as stripes, diamonds, with large and small patterns or as softly structured plain colors: Stelvio takes a new look at a well-known treasure trove of fabric samples.
The multi-dimensional effect and the associated volume of the fabrics is created through the use of functional yarns, which are brought into their final three-dimensional shape through thermal refinement. Chenille yarns also ensure a soft surface and a pleasant sitting climate.

Matching artificial leather and wool felts complete the portfolio of the collection. The combination of materials creates an extremely stylish balance and at the same time an exciting ensemble.

The six main colors of the color worlds gray, mint, saffron, berry as well as terracotta and navy are underlined by selective, exciting accent colors.